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PCD - Pitch Centre Diameter

As mentioned in our article of "Number of holes" Pitch center diameter is the diameter of the circle that is formed by drawing a circle with the bolts of the axle.

Sounds complicated? well it is just a little complicated. Though the good news is that we dont have to worry about the how it is calculated part. for most of the cars you can find online what is their PCD - Pitch center diameter. PCD along with the number of holes defines if the alloy wheel will fit the car. There is no such definition that one PCD is better than other. It just depends on manufacturers choice. Like Maruti for the smaller cars goes for PCD 100 and SUV's usually will have bigger PCD i.e. 139.7 or 160. For us as buyers we only need to know that there is something called as PCD and when I am selecting an Alloy Wheels for a car the PCD of the Alloy wheel should match the PCD of my car.

In the filters of the pages you will see that the PCD of some of the wheels is 100+108 or 100+114.3. These are alloy wheels with multiple PCD's. These alloywheels would come with a combination of PCD's so that they can fit more cars. Popularly their specifications are mentioned as 8*108+100. Similar to holes this means that the alloy wheel is actually having 2 sets of compatibility 4*100 and 4*108. Because of this option now a wheel is compatible with more cars. So incase in the furture you want to change your car but keep the same wheels the options are wider for you. As well the resale values of these wheels goes high as they are compatible with more cars.

As we have understood how the PCD matters and how it plays a vital role for deciding the fitment on our car. It is still difficult to find the PCD of your car and then try to check manually if it is compatible with your car or not. So we have tried to make things simpler for you. As soon as you select your car we filter the wheels for you as per your cars PCD and holes. Eg. When you see the page for suzuki Swift :

The Holes and PCD of Swift are 4 and 100 respectively. Though the wheels with 8 holes are also shown here. This is done as the 8 holes wheels have combination of two sets 4*100 and 4*108. As 4*100 is for swift. The alloy wheel is compatible with the swift.