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AlloyWheelsKart is based in central India – Nagpur. We started with Alloywheelskart with the objective to cater high quality alloy wheels to customers with no or very less technical information. Starting its journey with limited number of alloy wheel products, AlloyWheelKart has come a long way covering a distance from brick and mortar outlet to online store. We are a known group having its base in Nagpur. We cater a wide range of Alloy Wheels from the known and unknown car models and brands, which make us the number one online store in central India. We keep our stock abreast with the latest designs on a consistent basis, which are introduced in the market making us a pioneer in this domain.

With our steady commitment and trustworthiness, we have built up our brand in the market having too many repeat customers for a number of alloy wheels for a wide range of car brands and models. You can find these products of different design, specification, model and brand at par quality, which makes our store a standalone e-shop in the virtual market. AlloyWheelKart has gained the reputation among our target audience as a steady and reliable supplier for all the brands of high quality alloy wheels, which comes via a number of reputed manufacturers. The branded alloy wheels we supply have surpassed all the yardsticks as laid by the auto industry experts. This means, the alloy wheels you have in your tyres are committed to stay for long even after having a roller coaster ride over the bad roads of India. 

Last but not the least, AlloyWheelKart is a one stop virtual shop, which supply alloy wheels adhering to international standards (like SFI, TUV, JWL etc) for a wide range of car brands and models. And within a short span of time, we have emerged out as a leading store catering products without compromising on the quality front at the most competitive prices. In other words, AlloyWheelKart is a blend of quality products, delivered right at your doorstep at the most competitive prices in the market.

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