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How to find Alloy Wheels Compatible with your car!

Welcome to! We are India's first website that is home to everything that you want to know about Alloy Wheels. Alloy wheels are the first step to customize your car. There are 1000's of cars out there but the Alloy wheels help you to make your car look like yours and stand out!

We at try our best to help our customer to find everything what you want to know about alloywheels. To start of with we have a small guide for you to understand how to use our website:

1) Select your Car - Through dropdowns or through "Car Brands" link in menu bar

Once you log on to our site we ask you to select your cars Manufacturer >> Model >> Variant. You can either select the car through the drop downs or you can go to the "Car Brands" link in the menu. From there click on the Car brands, then the model and then the variant. Selecting all the three options helps us to get very specific information about your car. With the information we can suggest you the best Alloy wheels that will go with your car. 
PS - Different variants of cars may come with different Tyres or Alloy wheels. Hence selecting secific model helps.

2) Select your Cars Colour - Click on thumbnails

The second thing that you simply need to do is to select the colour of your car. This way you can get a better feel of how the Alloy wheels will look on your car. You can simply change the colour of the car by clicking on the thumbnail.

3) Select your wheels - Click arrow on either side of the car picture or hover mouse on wheel

he real action part of the story. Now as you have selected your car variant and also the colour. You will be able to see all the alloy wheels compatible with your car. The real USP of our site is to help you visualize the alloy wheels on the car. On PC you can visualize the alloy wheels by hovering your mouse on the Wheels or you can click on the arrows on the left and right of the car to move to the next wheel or the previous wheel respectively. On mobile you can click on "See on car" link or you can click on the arrows on either side of the car.

4) Filter your wheels

On alloy wheels kart we aim to get our customers as many options of wheels as possible. Sometimes you may find too many options to choose from. so we are giving you the options to shortlist the wheels with filters like Price Range, Rim Diameter (R), No. of Holes, PCDs, Compatible Tires, Colours ( Finish), and Rim Width (J).

5) Recommended Tyre

One of the most unique options on our website. When you change wheels for your car you might also have to change your tyres. This is to be done as there are set of parameters depending on which a tyre may or may not fit your car. similarly there are set of parameters depending on which we can find the tyres that will fit your alloy wheel. But while changing your alloy wheel we need to make sure that the tyre is compatible with both your car as well as your new alloy wheels. This option does exactly the thing for you.