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Compatible tyres for your alloy Wheel

When you are changing the alloy wheels of your car it is very important for you to know if your tyres are compatible or not. Each alloy wheel has a set of tyres that are compatible with it. This majorly depends on the width and the section height of the tyre with the alloy wheel. 

As we have seen till now the width of the Alloy wheel also referred to as "J" is calculated in inches and the width of Tyres is calculated in mm.

The width of the wheel defines the the width of the tyre compatible with it. If this is not done properly the tyre might be too tight or too loose on the Rim. This may also give problems in driving control. Hence in the filters on our pages you will see that there is a filter for "Compatible tyres". Use this filter to check if the tyre is compatible with the car or not.

Eg. 14 Inch wheels with 5.5 Inches have compatible tyres as 165/55R14, 165/60R14, 165/65R14, 165/70R14, 165/80R14, 175/50R14, 175/60R14, 175/65R14, 175/70R14, 175/75R14, 175/80R14, 185/50R14, 185/55R14, 185/60R14, 185/65R14, 185/70R14, 185/75R14, 185/80R14, 195/40R14, 195/45R14, 195/55R14, 195/60R14, 195/65R14, 195/70R14 and 195/75R14.

Here the J or width of Wheel is 5.5 J (5.5 inches/139.7 mm). The compatible width of the tyre is ranging from 165 mm to 195 mm. 165 mm being the lowest width and 195 being the highest width of the tyre the 175 mm and 185 mm are the ideal suitable tyres in this case. You can find these details before buying any wheels in the filters.

Please note this option purely suggests that the the tyre is compatible with the Alloy wheels. This tyre may or may not be compatible with the car. To find if the tyre is compatible with the car you need to click on "Recommended tyre".