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  • Polo

    The Volkswagen Polo first entered in the Indian market in 2009 and up till now, the car has put up respectable sales figures for the German carmaker. However, the growing competition from rivals has encouraged Volkswagen India to introduce this new facelifted car version with improved styling and more features as standard. However, when you own this car, it is mandatory to take care of it both in and out, which certainly includes the tyres of your Polo. Alloy wheels are the best and compatible ways to make your tyres beautiful and even functional as well.

    Now, if you are keen to buy these alloy wheels online, better consider the path of online shopping. In a long list of online stores, is one of them wherein you can for sure find a good amount of designs and colours including Chrome alloy wheels, Black matt, etc. This site is known for having its unique feature, wherein you can literally visualize on car these alloy wheels, which is available in a wide range of designs and finishing designs. For this car model, you can find the specification on this website that can be obtained for 14 as a factory fit tyre of 185/60R15 for the upsizing of 15 and 16 with high quality and at affordable cost.

  • Cross Polo

    The Volkswagen Polo Cross is basically a beefed up version of the Polo hatchback with visual treatment that makes the car look bigger. The Polo Cross was launched in India with damage control model against the onslaught of entry-level utility vehicles, which makes it a popular choice among the Indian drivers. Thanks to the incredible design and cool toning touches and robustness found in it. Now, if you really want to keep the beauty and functionality of your car, it is always recommended to add the accessories including alloy wheels over its tyres.

    The best way to find out these products comes via online shopping, which can be made out from an online store Here for tyres of Volkswagen Cross Polo, you can get the specifications you can find 15 for a factory fit tyre of 185/60R15, which can be found out at one of the most reasonable prices. Fortunately at this shopping portal, you can find a wide range of options in terms of designs, finishing options and colour choices like Chrome alloy wheels or Black matt. Just get the best of your choice in terms of quality and cost and move out with pride with the alloy wheels you find out here.

  • Vento

    The Volkswagen Vento was unveiled the face lifted with Polo hatchback in the year 2014 at Geneva Motor Show, which was introduced in various markets including the Indian markets since March this year. The German automaker has now updated its Polo-based Vento sedan for the year 2014, which is a popular car model in the Indian market. If you own Vento model, you are supposed to take care of these with utter care and professionalism. Adding alloy wheels over the tyres of your car can certainly add an edge over its functional and aesthetic aspects. The best way to find these alloy wheels can be obtained online, which can be found out at online stores like Here you can find a wide range of designs and finishing touches along with colours like Chrome alloy wheels and Black matt choices. For this car, you can find 14 as a factory fit tyre of 175/70R14 at the upsizing options like 15 and 16 with higher quality and at a very much affordable prices. Using its user friendly website designs, you can certainly have a look at these alloy wheels and thus try on car and have good time shopping these products online.

  • Jetta

    The Volkswagen Jetta is among the latest additions from the company Volkswagen, which is available in three variants and six trim levels. This is the second major update for the German automaker’s D-segment sedan since it was first launched and seems to be the most comprehensive one thanks to the changes its hatchback sibling, the Golf received when it was launched in Mk7 guise. If you own this vehicle, it’s your right and duty to take care of its exteriors and interiors. If you are keen to take care of its exteriors, it would certainly include the tyres of Volkswagen Jetta. So, when you talk about tyres, you can have an edge over the same with alloy wheels.

    Now, if you are keen to replace the same with the newer ones, better go for an online shopping. One of the best stores over the web landscape is Here you can wide range of alloy wheels including for the Volkswagen Jetta cars. The right specification on this portal can be obtained for 16 as a factory fit tyre of 205/55R16 for the upsizing of 17 and 18, which can be found out here at the most inexpensive prices for sure. Using its user friendly website designs, you can for sure get the right glimpse of the alloy wheels, wherein you can see on Car tyres. That’s the beauty of this portal for customers coming for the alloy wheels.

  • Passat

    Volkswagen launched Passat in the Indian market in March 2011, which is completely unlike the old one and also comes with just one engine option – a diesel unit. In the exterior, the Passat is seen with new slimmer looks along with having younger and sophisticated look and feel. There is a good dose of chrome having restyled grille and front air intake with chrome trimmed surroundings. It simply renders the Indian drivers an edge with its new features and style. Now, when you talk about taking care of these vehicles, you have the tyres as well, which have to be taken care of. The best way to arm these comes via adding up the alloy wheels over the same.

    Now, if you are talking about buying alloy wheels of high quality and at lower price better head to online shopping. The best online store comes in the form of, wherein you can find a wide range of designs and colours like Chrome alloy wheels, Black matt, etc. For this model, you can find specification on this portal can be obtained for 16 as a factory fit tyre of 215/55R16for the upsizing of 17 and 18 with high quality and at inexpensive price. Using its user friendly web designs, you can try on car these alloy wheels.


This car brand is among the biggest in the auto world. The cars and other vehicles from the Volkswagen brand are known for their security features, performances and mileage found uniform and steady for all its vehicles. If you are really keen to add an extra edge over your Volkswagen cars, you can really do this by adding the alloy wheels over its tyres. The tyres with these alloy wheels can make a great difference in terms of aesthetic value. However, buying from any local store can be an expensive option. The best bet you have is to find out online from reputed stores like

At AlloyWheelsKart, you can find a wide range of alloy wheels at the most competitive prices available on the web in India, hence if you are keen for buying these products at inexpensive prices, look no further than this store. You can order the alloy wheels at any number including even the ones, which are damaged in your car. All you need to do is to choose the brand of Volkswagen followed by choosing the alloy wheel of your choice and place the order. Once you choose the alloy wheel, you can even have the virtual look and feel of the chosen product on the user friendly site.

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