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  • Etios Liva

    The Toyota Etios Liva is among the best sedans, which has changed the fortune of the company in India. From what used to be a small segment in the Indian automotive market, Toyota has become one of the major players in the country. The Liva, is the hatchback that is based on the Etios and it shares majority of its parts with the sedan. Ever since then, the company didn't make any changes to the car until October 2014, when they brought some minor cosmetic revisions and changes to the interior. If you are keen to keep your Toyota Etios Liva in a perfect shape, you are supposed to apply all the accessories required both for the functional ease and aesthetic needs. All you are supposed to do is to add the right set of alloy wheels over its tyres to get the right gleam.

    And finding out the right alloy wheels, you need to tread the reputed online store like This store comes with a wide range of compatible alloy wheels for your Toyota Etios Liva and other vehicles. You can find wide range of colours, designs and patterns, which are hard to find out at other online store and not only that, you can even see on Car these alloy wheels via their user friendly website designs. At this online store, you can easily find 14 for a factory fit tyre of 175/65R14 at 15 upsizing options available at the most competitive prices.

  • Etios Cross

    The Toyota Etios Cross comes with four variants-two petrol and diesel where the former comprises two engine options. The petrol options are the G and V variant while the diesels are the GD and VD variants. Toyota has given the Etios Cross exactly the same features and options as equivalent variants of the Etios Liva right down to the layout of the dashboard and various elements in the cabin found in the interiors. If you own any of these versions of Toyota Etios Cross, it becomes mandatory to take care of its interiors and exteriors. These would even include taking care of your tyre’s finishing and look that can be enhanced the best with alloy wheels.

    If you are keen to buy these alloy wheels, better get them online and one of the most competitive online stores include the Here you can find wide range of designs and colour options including Chrome alloy wheels and Black matt. All you are supposed to do is to check the same using its user friendly website designs to Visualize on car to find the best one for your Toyota Etios Cross. Talking specifically, here at this website, you can find 15 for a factory fit tyre of 185/60R15 at one of the most competitive prices.

  • Etios

    The auto manufacturer Toyota Kirloskar Motor Pvt. Ltd, first showcased the Etios in January 2010 and it turned out to be a head turner at the Auto Expo. Toyota launched the sedan in December 2010 for the Indian market. Ever since then, various versions of the car were introduced but the face lifted model that is currently on sale was introduced in October 2014 which includes some minor cosmetic revisions and changes to the interior, making the Etios a big hit in the market. If you own Toyota Etios, you are supposed to secure it the best, which include even taking care of its tyres. The tyres can be upgraded or guarded by cool alloy wheels.

    Now, if you intend to buy these alloy wheels, the best place to get them is via the online store. One of the online stores in India known to cater quality alloy wheels includes For vehicles like Toyota Etios, you can easily find 14 for a factory fit tyre of 185/60R15 at 15 at one of the most precise price. Here you get the chance to Visualize on car these alloy wheels through its user friendly website designs. As you know, the alloy wheel options for the car are Variant specific and this store is competent in catering that.

  • Corolla Altis

    This is among the latest additions from Toyota, which was released at the 2014 Auto Expo, in Delhi. This car was derived from the same Furia design language unlike the way the American spec car hit the Indian market. The car has already been getting a good response in the market, considering the number of features it encompasses. Indeed, your Toyota Corolla Altis deserves all maintenance and care, which include taking care of the internal and external sides of the car. These certainly include replacing and adding up the alloy wheels over your tyres. If you are looking out to buy these products for your tyres, the best bet comes from online stores.

    The online store is among the popular portals for shopping alloy wheels for Indian customers. You can easily try on car virtually using its user friendly website designs giving you the right idea about buying the same. For Toyota Corolla Altis, you can find the 15 for a factory fit tyre of 195/65R15 at 16 and 17 at the most competitive prices along with finding a wide range of designs, colours and finishing options. In other words, here you can find the most compatible alloy wheels for your cars, which are simply difficult to find out at other place.

  • Camry

    The Toyota Camry was launched in the year 2012, which is considered to be a big leap over the previous one. In terms of designs it seems very much pure if you compare it with the other rival engines. One thing for sure thanks to its size it looks bigger than the current one and has more presence. That’s what matters, respect on the road and the new Camry gives you that in truckloads.

    The design of the interiors is conservative but it’s all high quality and the sense of solidity and luxury is maintained all throughout the cabin. Of course, when it comes to adding up its gleam at par, you need to take care of the vehicle in and out. These would certainly include the tyres well, which can be kept the best using the alloy wheels over it.

    The best way to find out these alloy wheels comes via the online store. With online stores like, you can certainly find a wide range of designs and colour options like Chrome alloy wheels or Black matt finish option. Using the user friendly website designs, you can certainly visualize on car these alloy wheels, which you plan to get. If you intend to buy alloy wheels for your Mahindra Bolero, you can find 16 for a factory fit tyre of 215/60R16 at 17 at much affordable price, hard to find out at other place.

  • Innova

    The Toyota Innova is one of the most popular MPVs in the Indian market, which was first launched in the year 2005 with both seven and eight seater options available with petrol and diesel engine options. Its petrol variants are equipped with a BSIV compliant 2.0-litre engine that produces a maximum power of 130.1bhp along with a 181Nm of peak torque. While the diesel variants are available with both BSIV and BSIII compliant 2.5-litre engines, which are mated with five speed manual transmission gearbox. Now, if you own this car, you are supposed to add the alloy wheels on its tyres. This simply boosts up the aesthetic value of your car giving you the pride and edge, which is otherwise not seen at any other car. One of the right places to find these cars comes from the online store.

    In a long list of online store, ranks at the top, thanks to the good amount of collection, choices and range of quality and finishing designs it encompass. For buying Toyota Innova based alloy wheels from this site you can find 15 for a factory fit tyre of 205/65R15 with 16 as upsizing option, which can be found out the most inexpensive prices. Using the website design, you can literally try on car virtually these alloy wheels and thus can find the right set of these accessories for your tyres.

  • Fortuner

    The Toyota Fortuner is among the entry-level SUV in India, which is completely on pricing; however in terms of size, this is one of the largest passenger vehicles available in India today.
    The Fortuner was launched in India in 2009 to compete in the premium SUV segment with significant cost benefits. Hence if you own this car, it’s your responsibility to take care of it after all you get loads of stuff from it so why not care for it. This certainly includes adding up the alloy wheels over its tyres. If you are talking about getting these alloy wheels online, then it’s a good idea to go with it.

    In a list of so many online stores, is one of them, which caters you high quality and affordable alloy wheels available in a wide range of designs and colours like Chrome alloy wheels or Black matt. With its user friendly website design, you can certainly have the preview of the alloy wheels you choose, which you can very easily visualize on car. If you intend to buy them, here you can find 17 for a factory fit tyre of265/65R17 at 18 upsizing options available at the most inexpensive prices.


Needless to say that Toyota is among the most trusted brands in the auto world. However, what distinguishes the vehicles of this brand in India is its cost, which is very much reasonable. If you own these cars, you would never mind boosting its aesthetic value to its next level, which is very easily being carried out by adding alloy wheels. Now, buying these products from any brick and mortar dealer or retail store happens to be an expensive choice, however, the best bet can be found out over the online stores. For Indian customers, the online portal - is ranked high for catering quality products online.

At AlloyWheelsKart, you can find one of the best alloy wheels for your Toyota cars and other brand vehicles of high quality. In terms of collection, sky is the limit as you can very easily find out a wide range of designs, patterns and styles, which are very much difficult to find out at other online store. And talking about the cost, the alloy wheels at AlloyWheelsKart comes at the most competitive prices, which makes the deal lucrative for every customer who is keen to take your car aesthetics to a different level for your cars.

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