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  • Indica V2

    The Tata Indica V2 was among first passenger cars from Tata Motors, which was first launched, after its earlier version was receiving several complaints from the early purchasers, who claimed that the vehicle failed to cater both the power and the mileage, which the company promised. In the response to these customer complaints, Tata Motors embarked with this re-engineered model, which solved most of these complaints and emerged out as one of the key sought after cars in the Indian automobile industry. If you are keen to add aesthetic values to your Tata Indica V2, you can certainly think of replacing the alloy wheels of its tyres. One of the best ways of buying these products for your car comes via online option.

    The online store called is among the top portals to sell out high quality alloy wheels with different finishing touches and colours. You can find these Factory fit alloy wheels for Tata Indica V2 for 13 along having the specification of 155/80R13 of Factory fit at reasonable prices, hard to beat anywhere. The alloy wheels, which are compatible with your car, are available at our store, so you do not have to worry about the misfits or size issue as you can easily check them virtually with the user friendly designs of our web store.

  • Indica eV2

    The Tata Indica eV2 has always been a valued proposition in the market, but it has since received its first vital upgrades in the form of an efficient and effective engines. The India eV2 is now one of the popular fuel efficient cars on sale not just in India but all over other places today. There are some of the bright paint options over the outside and some faux wood and beige interiors, which brighten up the inside. The eV2 simply makes a lot of sense if you are looking for a budget and want an efficient diesel car. If you are looking out for alloy wheels for your Tata Indica eV2, look no further than the online store called

    You can find alloy wheels for this model with a specification of 13 fit alloy wheel, with factory fit tyre of 155/80R13hwith no upsizing options. The user friendly website designs at AlloyWheelsKart will help you Try on car virtually these alloy wheels giving a fair amount of idea how these would appear on your car. You find the alloy wheels for Beat with different colour options, design and finishing touches. And talking about the cost of these alloy wheels for your vehicle, these are considered to be among the best in the market.

  • Vista Tech

    The Tata Indica Vista Tech has in the Indian market since 2007 and has been a decent seller for a variety of markets here. The newer versions of this car have embarked with a new facelift in 2014, which has made things very much rosy for the manufacturer for this model. If you have Tata Vista Tech, it is imperative to keep your car in a perfect shape in terms of functionality and aesthetics. To keep these things par, you also have to replace the alloy wheels as these can add values to your car. If you are looking out for these products, it is always better to head for online shopping.

    The online store like can really help you in finding a wide range of compatible and high quality alloy wheels at the most affordable prices. That’s been the crux of this online store, wherein you get the chance with its user friendly website designs to See on Car these alloy wheels, thus making your selection simpler. With this feature, you can really have a look and feel of the alloy wheel at your Sonata and then can choose the same. That’s the beauty of this online store for alloy wheels. Here you can buy 14 for a factory fit tyre of 175/65R14 with upsizing options of 15.

  • Indigo eCS

    The Tata Indigo eCS comes out with the robust 1.4 CR4/TDI diesel and 1.4 MPFI petrol engines, which makes it the most fuel efficient in its class and it is the best value. The Tata Indigo eCS has set trends in the auto industry especially in the sub-four metre sedan segment in India. It was one of the first models in this domain, which is now being populated by popular cars. This facelifted Indigo eCS is now available with three engine options across eight variants. If you are keen to keep alive its aesthetic value, you will leave no opportunity to keep your Tata Indigo eCS updated. This certainly includes the tyres of the car. The tyres look stunning when you add alloy wheels in it.

    However, buying the alloy wheels from any brick and mortar store is an expensive affair. So, the very next and best option comes in the form of buying these from a competent online store. Luckily with, you search comes to an end for finding the reputed online store. Here you can easily find factory fit alloy wheels of 14 for a factory fit tyre of 175/65R14 having an available upsizing of 15 at the most competitive rates. With the user friendly website designs, you can easily try on car virtually these alloy wheels and find out, how it will appear over your Tata Indigo eCS.

  • Zest

    The Tata Zest is among the compact sedans and considered to be the first of the new vehicles from the known Indian automaker. It was first unleashed at Auto Expo, and was launched in 2014 in five diesel and four petrol variants. It comes with a noticeable but quite decent looking boot, which employs the same engine, underpinnings, interior design as well as feature list from the hatchback. You can enjoy a cool ride with it, however, if you are keen to have the same quality of driving experience, you need to take care of your car both aesthetically and functionality. This would include adding up the alloy wheels over your tyres.

    The best way to buy alloy wheels over your car tyres is get them from online store. Luckily, you have one called Here you get to see a wide range of options in terms of design, colour and finishing patterns. With its user friendly designs, you can very easily try on car virtually these alloy wheels. If you are looking out for alloy wheels for this car model, you can find 15 for a factory fit tyre of 185/60R15 at high quality and affordable prices. In this way, you can arm your Zest with added beauty and aesthetics.

  • Manza

    The Tata Motors is among India's leading car makers called Tata known for compact sedans in the country by early 2014. The vehicle was showcased at the 2014 Indian Auto Expo, wherein the auto company also presented the Indica Vista. The front end of the vehicle is likely to be inspired by the Manza hybrid, which was showcased at the last year's auto show. The notchback gets a more aggressive front, which features a new headlights and bumper with triangular airdams. If you are keen to make your car rich in terms of looks and aesthetics, you can certainly add alloy wheels to your Enjoy tyres. These can give new life to your car and once you come out over the road, you take pride to drive an aesthetically beautiful car.

    The right place to buy these alloy wheels for your Chevrolet-Enjoy is to rely over the online store called It caters you the Factory fit alloy wheels of 15 for the factory fit tyres of 185/60R15 for the upsizing available for 16 and 17. These alloy wheels at this online store happens to be one of the best ones over the web landscape in terms of collection, size, design and colour. At AlloyWheelKart, we recommend customers tyres for their car with a particular alloy wheel combination.

  • Sumo Gold

    The Tata Sumo Gold came in the market with few face lifts and touch-ups, which has given the cab culture a new edge especially for the BPO industry and many other people-movers alike. If you are keen to get a good looking version better try this version. With this model, the ride quality is good and considerable amount of body roll limits. The stability and poise at high speeds is excellent and so is the interior space, which has been the strongest quality. For making your competent in terms of aesthetics, you need to add alloy wheels over its tyres. The alloy wheels are often expensive when you think of buying them from any brick and mortar store.

    However, the best and competitive prices come from online stores. If you are looking out for a good online store in India then look no further than the portal The online store provides you the Factory fit alloy wheels of 15 for the factory fit tyres of 185/85R16 for the upsizing option available for 16. If you are wondering as to how it will appear on your tyres, you can certainly see on car virtually with the help of user friendly website designs. Here, you can find a wide range of designs and colours like Chrome alloy wheels, Black matt, etc. at the most competitive prices.

  • Safari

    The Tata Safari with a 2.0-litre turbocharged diesel engine that is known to produce 90bhp is among the best models from Tata. With few facelifts and added features, the Tata Safari has come a long way delivering the best to the Indian customers. This is the reason why more and more Indians are going with this model from Tata Motors. If you own this car, you would never mind taking care about its aesthetics as well, which can be added by replacing its older and worn out alloy wheels. The moment you replace the older ones with the newer ones, you are likely to boost up its aesthetic value in no time.

    Now, if you are keen to buy these alloy wheels for your Tata Safari cars, the best way is to get them online. The online store, which makes the difference, comes in the form of Here you can find the Factory fit alloy wheels of 16 for the factory fit tyres of 235/70R16 having the upsizing option available for 17. The available alloy wheels you find over our online store are compatible with the factory fit tyres. These are found at the most competitive prices, hard to find out at other places with wide range of design and finishing options.

  • Xenon

    Tata Motor has been the pioneer among the auto industry in India in terms of embarking with quality pickup trucks and other vehicles. The Tata Xenon is among the best mobile vehicles, which was introduced long back, however, having been noticed over the roads with different generation vehicles. The recent generation car from Hyundai under Verna was among the top brands, which made the difference in the Indian market. With this model, you would always want to keep its tyres and everything intact in terms of functionality and aesthetics. This would certainly include replacing the alloy wheels over the tyres right on time with par quality.

    Now, if you are keen to buy these alloy wheels on time and with par quality for your Tata Xenon, always consider tread the online shopping path. And one of competent online stores selling alloy wheels in India is Here you can easily find out high quality alloy wheels with different colour options and designs and interestingly at lower prices as well. That’s the beauty of this online shopping portal. If you are looking out for alloy wheels of Tata Xenon, you can find 16 for a factory fit tyre of 215/75R16 at very high quality and affordable costing.

  • Safari Storme

    The Tata Safari Storme is among the latest incarnations by Tata Motors, which was unveiled in 2012 at the prestigious Auto Expo. This vehicle has embarked with new features and certain facelifts carrying a sleek and rounded look and feel. The grille of the Safari Storme comes with a new bumper design giving the vehicle a rounded and sleek kind of look. The grilled with added amounts of contemporary designs, making the vehicle more popular over the Indian roads. Now, if you are keen to keep your car par in terms of quality, cost and aesthetics, nothing can beat adding accessories like alloy wheels over its tyres.

    Fortunately, if you are looking out to get good deals, it always recommended treading the online shopping path. With shopping portals like, you can find a good amount of alloy wheels in terms of design and colour like Chrome alloy wheels and Black matt. With the user friendly website designs, you can certainly Visualize on car these alloy wheels. Hence if you are keen to buy high quality alloy wheels for this car model from Hyundai you can find the factory fit alloy wheels of 16 for a factory fit tyre of 235/70R16 with upsizing option of 17 at affordable prices.

  • Aria

    Tata Aria is among the vehicles under the category of SUV and an MUV, which is being brought forth by Tata Motors in India. Keeping in mind the rough and patchy road conditions in India, the automaker has simply designed this vehicle in order to give the customers the right kind of feel and luxury and the performance without actually compromising over the space. If you are looking to enhance the view of your Tata Aria car, especially its tyres, the best way is to add alloy wheels in it.

    If you are looking out for alloy wheels, the best way to find these products is via online store. One of the best online stores for these products is, which caters you a wide range of alloy wheels for different cars and vehicles. For Tata Aria car, you can find Factory fit alloy wheels of 16 and of the specification of 235/70R16 at the most competitive prices in India. The user friendly portal will help you visualize on car these alloy wheels, thus giving the right glimpse over your vehicle. Here you can find alloy wheels for your Stile car of highest quality in different designs and colours, which include Chrome alloy wheels, Black matt.


When it comes to any trustworthy and inexpensive car brands in auto world in India, Tata is seen at the top for people for different vehicles. Tata is known to produce a wide range of vehicles including cars and other four wheelers for your luxury and requirement. If you are keen to boost up the aesthetic value of your car’s tyres, you can certainly think of doing this with the help of alloy wheels. AlloyWheelsKart is known to cater these products with high quality and wide range of designs that are found in different styles and fishing. And in terms of cost, these found at Tata happens to be affordable as compared to the other online stores.

You can certainly take the beauty of your car tyres to a next level with the alloy wheels, which AlloyWheelsKart offers you. This brand has too many cars and luckily for all the models, you have lucrative options, hard to find out other places. Once your Tata car tyres have the alloy wheels from us, you can certainly add a new and interesting feature to the beauty of your car. And talking about the cost, you do not have to worry much about the same, as it helps you in finding one of the best and affordable deals out here.

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