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  • Verito Vibe

    The Mahindra Verito Vibe is among the best small sedan cars in India. It is defined as bigger, shorter and tougher in the list of compact cars from Mahindra and other brands in India. In terms of quality ride, reliable and safety elements, no other car can beat the Verito Vibe. Hence if you own this car, its your responsibility to take care of it after all you get loads of stuff from it so why not care for it. This certainly includes adding up the alloy wheels over its tyres. If you are talking about getting these alloy wheels online, then it’s a good idea to go with it.

    In a list of so many online store, is one of them, which caters you high quality and affordable alloy wheels available in a wide range of designs and colours like Chrome alloy wheels or Black matt. With its user friendly website design, you can certainly have the preview of the alloy wheels you choose, which you can very easily visualize on car. If you intend to buy them, here you can find 14 for a factory fit tyre of 185/70R14 at 15 and 16 upsizing options available at the most inexpensive prices.

  • Verito

    The Mahindra Verito in India comes out in four different versions carrying one engine and one transmission along with one fuel options. These are known for many features including robust design and cool driving experience, which can together make your day big while drive this car home or office. If you are keen to keep your Mahindra Vertio in a perfect shape, you are supposed to apply all the accessories required both for the functional ease and aesthetic needs. All you are supposed to do is to add the right set of alloy wheels over its tyres to get the right gleam.

    And finding out the right alloy wheels, you need to tread the reputed online store like This store comes with a wide range of compatible alloy wheels for your Vertio and other vehicles. You can find wide range of colours, designs and patterns, which are hard to find out at other online store and not only that, you can even see on Car these alloy wheels via their user friendly website designs. At this online store, you can easily find 14 for a factory fit tyre of 185/70R14 at 15 and 16 upsizing options available at the most competitive prices.

  • Thar

    The Mahindra Thar is reminiscent of the age-old sturdy Jeep that villagers in India used for many years. This new one is however revived with many changes still keeping the retro look intact. Ever since its first showcase in the 2010 Auto Expo the car has attracted a lot of prospective buyers, especially enthusiasts. It is the first car from Mahindra to get an oil-burner BS IV CRDe engine and a soft-top. The car comes in three variants DI 4x2, DI 4x4 and the CRDe 4x4 with AC.
    The new completely redesigned face-lift comes with more rugged aesthetics. The shock and awe is not just limited to the exterior but manages to define the interior as well. With new features like beefier bumpers, re-designed wheel arches and other trim options, which have been made available in the new model, Thar definitely demonstrates attention to detail and improved quality. The Thar also participates in self-branding, which definitely helps it gain a more iconic street presence.
    All the models of the new Thar come with Chunky 235/70R16 tyres like its predecessor. The DI engine options have been fitted with the Steel Rims and the the CRDE top end model is loaded with Alloy Wheels.

  • Quanto

    The Mahindra Quanto is among the compact crossover vehicle, which is designed and manufactured by the Indian Mahindra & Mahindra Limited. It has embarked in the market not so long but in 2012, which gives you an excellent driving experience making your day perfect when you drive on the roads. Indeed, your Mahindra Quanto deserves all maintenance and care, which include taking care of the internal and external sides of the car. These certainly include replacing and adding up the alloy wheels over your tyres. If you are looking out to buy these products for your tyres, the best bet comes from online stores.

    The online store is among the popular portals for shopping alloy wheels for Indian customers. You can easily try on car virtually using its user friendly website designs giving you the right idea about buying the same. For Mahindra Quanto, you can find the 15 for a factory fit tyre of 205/65R15 at 16 at the most competitive prices along with finding a wide range of designs, colours and finishing options. In other words, here you can find the most compatible alloy wheels for your cars, which are simply difficult to find out at other place.

  • Bolero

    The Mahindra Bolero is known four wheel off-road vehicle, which comes from country’s biggest largest growing automotive company called Mahindra & Mahindra. It is known for its bold and robust design giving a good driving experience over both the smooth and rough roads. Though it is a utility vehicle fitted the best for Indian conditions but can be used for your day to day driving as well. Of course, when it comes to adding up its gleam at par, you need to take care of the vehicle in and out. These would certainly include the tyres well, which can be kept the best using the alloy wheels over it.

    The best way to find out these alloy wheels comes via the online store. With online stores like, you can certainly find a wide range of designs and colour options like Chrome alloy wheels or Black matt finish option. Using the user friendly website designs, you can certainly visualize on car these alloy wheels, which you plan to get. If you intend to buy alloy wheels for your Mahindra Bolero, you can find 15 for a factory fit tyre of 185/75R15 at 16 at much affordable price, hard to find out at other place.

  • Xylo

    The Mahindra Xylo is among the best MUVs designed and produced by Mahindra & Mahindra the country’s giant in auto industry. The Xylo hit the market somewhere in 2009 in India and could be discovered with five different variants, like D2, D4, H6, H8 and H9. More than 3,000 units of the Xylo MUVs have been sold when it was introduced in the year 2009. Thanks to the incredible design and cool toning touches and robustness found in it. Now, if you really want to keep the beauty and functionality of your car, it is always recommended to add the accessories including alloy wheels over its tyres.

    The best way to find out these products comes via online shopping, which can be made out from an online store Here for tyres of Mahindra Xylo, you can get the specifications you can find 15 for a factory fit tyre of 205/65R15, which can be found out at one of the most reasonable prices. Fortunately at this shopping portal, you can find a wide range of options in terms of designs, finishing options and colour choices like Chrome alloy wheels or Black matt. Just get the best of your choice and move out with pride with the alloy wheels you find out here.

  • Scorpio [2009-2014]

    The Mahindra Scorpio is among the best and compact SUV vehicles being produced by Indian company called Mahindra & Mahindra Limited (M&M). This page is for the model of the car 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014 discontinued old models. This was the first SUV from the Indian company, which was manufactured for a global market. The response to Scorpio has been incredible over the international markets and soon you will find the same in United States as well. The car has even bagged a number of awards both in India and abroad. If you own Mahindra Scorpio, you are supposed to secure it the best, which include even taking care of its tyres. The tyres can be upgraded or guarded by cool alloy wheels.

    Now, if you intend to buy these alloy wheels, the best place to get them is via the online store. One of the online stores in India known to cater quality alloy wheels includes For vehicles like Mahindra Scorpio, you can easily find 15 and 16 inches wheels as per the model. Here you get the chance to Visualize on car these alloy wheels through its user friendly website designs. As you know, the alloy wheel options for the car are Variant specific and this store is competent in catering that.

  • Scorpio

    Introduced in 2002, the Mahindra Scorpio has always been appreciated for its rugged looks, commanding road presence and off-road capabilities. The Scorpio is one of the top-selling Mahindra cars in India that has received major updates and a new engine in 2006, followed by a facelift in 2008. In 2015, the company launched the new-generation model of the car that received quite an overwhelming response.

    The new model looks more rugged and masculine than its predecessor. It gets a new pair of projector headlights with LED Daytime running lights, a new radiator grille, modified bumper, body colored door handles, new roof rails, rear spoiler and new LED tail-lamps. The facelifted Scorpio gets a revised front and rear end but retains the same overall design. This is likely to be in a bid to remain faithful to existing customers and fans of the SUV. On the outside, the new Scorpio gets projector headlamps, a new chrome grille, fog lamps and redesigned alloy wheels.

    Mahindra Scorpio comes in India comes with 3 variants for the tyres and alloy wheels. The S2 model that is the entry level variant of the car comes with 15 inches alloy wheels. The mid range models of the car comes with Steel Rims and 235/65R17 tyres. The top end variant of the car comes with Alloy Wheels and 235/65R17 tyres. Another major change with the new model of the scorpio has been equipped with 5*114.3 PCD wheels.

  • XUV 5OO

    Mahindra’s thoroughly updated XUV500 is now on sale in the Indian market. Although mechanically identical to its predecessor, the 2015 model gets a host of cosmetic updates and better equipped cabin, thus enhancing its overall appeal.
    The one thing we were waiting for in the Mahindra XUV500 was an automatic transmission. The Indian automaker finally fulfilled that desire by launching the two-pedal version of the crossover in November 2015. Until now, Mahindra offered the auto-box in three variants (W8 front-wheel drive, W10 front-wheel drive and W10 all-wheel drive). In order to make the XUV auto even more accessible, Mahindra has now launched the W6 front-wheel drive variant with the transmission at a price of Rs 14.29 lakh ex-showroom Navi Mumbai. Like the other variants, the W6 automatic also uses the 6-speed torque-converter automatic gearbox sourced from AISIN, Japan and comes mated to the 2.2-litre mHawk diesel engine.
    All the variants of the Mahindra XUV 500 in India with the same tyres 235/65R17. The entry level model comes with steel rims and the mid-end and the top end variant of the car comes with alloy wheels.


In India, Mahindra is a big brand for cars and other vehicles. The cars from this brand are par with the global yardsticks, which makes the owner proud when he or she moves with it on any road. Your Mahindra cars do deserves the best of the aesthetic solutions right from the inside to (even) the tyres of your vehicles. When you talk about the car tyres, you get solutions in the form of alloy wheels, which make the vehicles attractive and cool. Your car deserves the best bet on alloy wheels in order to enhance their look and feel.

Now, if you plan to get the alloy wheels, getting these from portals like AlloyWheelsKart would be a competent preposition in terms of quality, availability, choices and cost. Here, you can find one of the best options in terms of discounts, high quality and a number of choices, which will be difficult to find out at any other place. For each and every or all the different Mahindra car models, you can find one of the best deals, which can make your car’s tyres attractive and smart. Our portal also gives you the provision of checking the alloy wheels the virtual look and feel to choose the best one.

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