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  • Punto Evo

    The Punto Evo is considered to be among the most robust, spending and futuristic cars in India. It is designed the best Italian designers giving vivid blend of hot and sporty look. People call this car as one of the best in terms of features and functionality. In order to keep your car up and running, you need to arm your car with different stuff. All you need to do is to add a right kind of exteriors and interiors. For exteriors, the very first thing you need to add is the alloy wheels, which add an edge over your tyre aesthetics.

    When it comes to buying these alloy wheels, the best bet can be found out over the online retail stores. One best online store catering a wide range of alloy wheels in terms of designs and colours is Here you can find the factory fit alloy wheels of 14 for a factory fit tyre of 165/80R14, which are available an upsizing of 15 and 16 at the most reasonable prices. The site has one of the best website designs, which allow you to try on car virtually to get the right view of the alloy wheels on your Fiat Punto Evo car. You are never short of options for alloy wheels here at this portal.

  • Linea Classic

    Fiat a leading Italian car manufacture calls to be one of the affordable cars for Indian, which can be found out with both the petrol and diesel options. Unlike other placLinea Classic es, Fiat India has embarked with its awe inspiring car called Linea Classic carrying a distinct appeal. In order to make your Fiat Linea Classic captivating in terms of aesthetics, adding alloy wheels can really make a great difference. The best bet for the alloy wheels comes via online store and one of the popular ones to find affordable and high quality alloy wheels with wide range of option in terms of colours and other parameters is the store called

    Here you can seek the alloy wheels with high quality and competitive prices. With the help of user friendly website designs, you can see on car and get the right look and feel of your alloy wheels in your Fiat Linea Classic cars. This online store can help you to find the factory fit alloy wheels of 14 for a factory fit tyre of 175/70R14 having an available upsizing of 15 and 16 at the most practical prices. This portal has been catering a wide range of alloy wheels of different colours and designs for different brands, which is really not possible to find over the sites.

  • Linea

    Fiat is among the popular brands in the auto world especially in India. If you talk about Fiat Linea, it is one of the best family cars released in the year 2007 in Turkey by the same brand in Italy. The car is known to have a number of features, which include built body, superior ride and distinctive Italian styling, which add an edge over your pride angle. To keep your Fiat Linea par in terms of functionality and aesthetics, you are required to add alloy wheels at your car tyres. Now where can you get an affordable deal for these alloy wheels is a big question to answer as the fact is these are expensive deals over any physical store.

    The answer comes in the form of buying the alloy wheels from online stores particularly over the portal called Here you can find wide range of colour options and designs like Chrome alloy wheels, Black matt, etc. Here at this portal, you can find the factory fit alloy wheels of 14 for a factory fit tyre of 195/60R15 having an available upsizing of 15 and 16 at the most reasonable prices. Thus the online store called AlloyWheelsKart can be called as the top Online India Buy site for the alloy wheels.

Fiat is India’s pioneer discount allow wheels store for cars of different brands. Fiat being one of the oldest and popular brands found in the auto world, catering quality alloy wheels at your doorstep is mandatory for our online store. Right from catering you high quality and smooth finish alloy wheels for smaller cars from Fiat to the Vans and SUV’s, we have a huge amount of options for different vehicles from this brand. In order to find out the most compatible and aesthetically lucrative alloy wheel for your Fiat cars, we have user friendly website designs at our portal, which helps you to have the right look and feel of any chosen alloy wheel designs.

Our secured portal is open for our esteemed customers and visitors 24 x 7, which help you to find out and procure the alloy wheels from a wide range of car models of Fiat. With faster delivery available, you can rest assured to the fact your chosen alloy wheels will be delivered right at your doorstep without any hassle or delay. We stock alloy wheels for every Fiat model found in India. In case if you have any apprehension or doubt, you can connect with our team of experts and they will help you find out the right one for your Fiat cars.

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