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  • Spark

    It is called as a city car, which was originally Daweoo Matiz, which is been available exclusively as a five door hatchback. It was launched long back in 1998 by GM in South Korea by Daewoo Motors however, when GM took over the company it was found in the market under the Chevrolet brand. Time again it witnessed a couple of changes, and the current one is a much high end cars from this brand. Every Chevrolet – Spark owner would want to keep its car compatible in terms of aesthetics and functionality. The former can be carried out in a number of ways, which certainly include replacing the worn out and old designed alloy wheels.

    If you are looking out for the best deals for these products, look no further than the online stores especially the one called Here you can find a wide range of alloy wheels and specially speaking about Spark, the Factory fit alloy wheels of 13 for the factory fit tyres of 155/70R13 having the upsizing option available for 14. The alloy wheels you find over this store can be visualized on your car using the web friendly designs of this online portal. You can certainly find out one of the best bets in terms of quality and cost.

  • Beat

    Chevrolet often referred as Chevy is one of the vital divisions of General Motors (GM) a known American brand in the auto word. It has the existence in this world for more than 100 years and has produced millions of vehicles. One of the popular car models of Chevy is Beat, which is among the latest ones from this brand. It is known as a stunning vehicle with stylish dual port chrome grille having bold front fascia and cool newly designed headlamps. It will help you to get noticed on the roads with its cool style quotient. If you are looking out for alloy wheels for your Chevrolet – Beat, look no further than the online store called

    You can find alloy wheels for this model with a specification of 14 fit alloy wheel, with factory fit tyre of 155/70R14 having an upsizing option of 15. The user friendly website designs at AlloyWheelsKart will help you Try on car virtually these alloy wheels giving a fair amount of idea how these would appear on your car. You find the alloy wheels for Beat with different colour options, design and finishing touches. And talking about the cost of these alloy wheels for your vehicle, these are considered to be among the best in the market.

  • Sail U-VA

    The Chevrolet- Sail U-VA is considered to be a delight for people taking a drive on it. It comes with a wide range of smart features, which is designed in perspective of you and your family. It is given a dynamic sculpture design encompassing with certain sporty aerodynamic contours, which lends the Sail Hatchback find a cool look worthy of the second glance. If you own this car, you would never mind taking care about its aesthetics as well, which can be added by replacing its older and worn out alloy wheels. The moment you replace the older ones with the newer ones, you are likely to boost up its aesthetic value in no time.

    Now, if you are keen to buy these alloy wheels for your Chevrolet- Sail U-VA cars, the best way is to get them online. The online store, which makes the difference, comes in the form of Here you can find the Factory fit alloy wheels of 14 for the factory fit tyres of 175/70R14 having the upsizing option available for 15. The available alloy wheels you find over our online store are compatible with the factory fit tyres. These are found at the most competitive prices, hard to find out at other places with wide range of design and finishing options.

  • Sail

    The Chevrolet Sail is considered as a Supermini car, which is produced by Chinese manufacture called Shanghai General Motors. It was launched back in the year 2001, which was marketed as Buick Sail both in wagon and sedan formats. In the year 2005, the car got a facelift giving the car a new name called Chevrolet Sail and Sail RGV. Finally, in 2010, this car was completely revamped in designs giving the hatchback variations. For making your competent in terms of aesthetics, you need to add alloy wheels over its tyres. The alloy wheels are often expensive when you think of buying them from any brick and mortar store.

    However, the best and competitive prices come from online stores. If you are looking out for a good online store in India then look no further than the portal The online store provides you the Factory fit alloy wheels of 14 for the factory fit tyres of 175/70R14 for the upsizing option available for 15. If you are wondering as to how it will appear on your tyres, you can certainly see on car virtually with the help of user friendly website designs. Here, you can find a wide range of designs and colours like Chrome alloy wheels, Black matt, etc. at the most competitive prices.

  • Cruze

    The Chevrolet Cruze is among the compact cars from this brand, which hit the market in 2008. Since the very same year, this car has been globally designed, developed and produced as four door compact sedan, which finally in 2011 complemented by five door hatchback and station wagon in the year 2012. In India, it is known as the automatic luxury sedan car for people. If you are keen to keep alive its aesthetic value, you will leave no opportunity to keep your Cruze updated. This certainly includes the tyres of the car. The tyres look stunning when you add alloy wheels in it.

    However, buying the alloy wheels from any brick and mortar store is an expensive affair. So, the very next and best option comes in the form of buying these from a competent online store. Luckily with, you search comes to an end for finding the reputed online store. Here you can easily find factory fit alloy wheels of 16 for a factory fit tyre of 205/60R16 having an available upsizing of 17 and 18 at the most competitive rates. With the user friendly website designs, you can easily try on car virtually these alloy wheels and find out, how it will appear over your Chevrolet-Cruze.

  • Enjoy

    This car justifies its very name Enjoy. Thanks to the spacious design it encompasses, you can Enjoy playing a number of roles in the game of your life. It renders you the right support you need and thus embarks out to be much more than just a car. People call it a wind beneath your wings, which drives you very much closer to your desires. It was launched in the market way back in 2010 and soon turned a popular car option in India. If you are keen to make your car rich in terms of looks and aesthetics, you can certainly add alloy wheels to your Enjoy tyres. These can give new life to your car and once you come out over the road, you take pride to drive an aesthetically beautiful car.

    The right place to buy these alloy wheels for your Chevrolet-Enjoy is to rely over the online store called It caters you the Factory fit alloy wheels of 14 for the factory fit tyres of 175/70R14 for the upsizing available for 15. These alloy wheels at this online store happens to be one of the best ones over the web landscape in terms of collection, size, design and colour. At AlloyWheelKart, we recommend customers tyres for their car with a particular alloy wheel combination.

  • Tavera

    The Chevrolet - Tavera is among the most popular commercial vehicles all across the world, which is promoted and marketed by General Motors in India. This MPV is known for its compactness in the market, which makes it popular over the roads of different country. Many people call this model as a bread box on wheels, but the fact is it is much more than that. The reasons are obvious it is surely an aesthetically cool machine, which fits the best under ‘people-mover’. If you own this vehicle, you would certainly want to enhance its aesthetic look and feel, which certainly includes its tyres as well.

    The best way you can do is by adding alloy wheels over it and the most competitive ways of finding them comes via online. In a long list of online sites, is considered to be among the top portals catering wide range of alloy wheels of different colours including chrome alloy wheels or Black matt. With our user friendly website designs, you can try on car virtually with these alloy wheels on your Tavera Cars. This way you can decide on the best options for your Tavera with high quality and at the most competitive prices in the market. Here, you can find alloy wheels of 15 for the factory fit tyres of 205/65R15.

  • Captiva

    The Chevrolet – Captiva is among the mid size SUV, which was actually designed by GM Daewoo and marketed under Chevrolet brand in India and other places. The company launched this car in 2004, but by 2012, the same car was known with different names at different places like for example Korean market was seen selling it with Daewoo Winstorm whereas the Australians named it as Holden Captiva. If you are keen to add aesthetic values to your Captiva, you can certainly think of replacing the alloy wheels of its tyres. One of the best ways of buying these products for your car comes via online option.

    The online store called is among the top portals to sell out high quality alloy wheels with different finishing touches and colours. You can find these Factory fit alloy wheels for Chevrolet Captiva for 17 along having the specification of 235/60R17 of Factory fit and upsizing for 18 at reasonable prices, hard to beat anywhere. The alloy wheels, which are compatible with your car, are available at our store, so you do not have to worry about the misfits or size issue as you can easily check them virtually with the user friendly designs of our web store.


Alloy wheels are the tailor made suit for any car, which dramatically transform the appearance of your vehicle. Though buying alloy wheels for Chevrolet cars is an expensive preposition, but with, it becomes a reasonable choice. Thanks to online stores like these, which has embarked in the competitive world with wide range of designs found in the market, it becomes simple to choose the one that can enhance the look of your motorized car. With a number of designs found with us, it becomes simple to choose the one of your choice, which in turn makes even your old car have an entire new look and feel.

With these high quality alloy wheels for your Chevrolet vehicles, you simply do not get your cosmetic solutions or mere window dressing but can find them equally competent in its functional role as well. You can find a wide range of alloy wheels for a wide range of Chevrolet cars in India, which range from smaller cars to SUVs. All these cars from this brand are popular for higher safety levels and smarter driving experience. On the top of it, if you add alloy wheels from us, you end up adding an edge over your cars at reasonable price and high quality solutions.

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